Our history is our best reference

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By combining a bold approach and rigorous professionalism right from their inception, Friedlander and the Ortec Group have become one of the leading players in services for industry, energy and the environment today.

With more than 10,200 people spread over 150 branches worldwide, 32 subsidiaries in 24 different countries, Ortec generates revenue of over € 920 millions. The Group offers a wide range of complementary, multidisciplinary services in the areas of maintenance, construction works, environmental services, facilities management and logistics, engineering and assistance with project ownership.

Friedlander and Ortec teams of professionals are always on call: this means quick turnaround times for analyzing its clients’ needs and objectives then providing innovative solutions. It has forged a name for itself in numerous sectors by providing the best solutions at the best price without compromising the environment. These sectors include:

  • 1936 Friedlander Creation

    Birth in Marseilles, France, in 1936. Friedlander flagship rapidly grows international to become vital services provider for Oil & Gas companies expanding through the African continent.

  • 1978 Friedlander goes international

    Friedlander widens its customership and follows major Oil & Gas players to the African Continenent. A continuous presence since 1978, Friedlander is a major services provider for more than 60 big companies through the continent.

  • 1992 Ortec buys out its independance

    Ortec buys Ortec, and gains its independance. The managers buy the company in the terms of a LMBO. The groups starts General contracting. General contracting grows popular for maintenance activities. Providers keep an obligation of means.

  • 1996 Friedlander joins the Ortec Group

    The new group strengthens in national and international resort. Its intervention capacity is doubled. Ortec becomes a privileged partner by obtaining multi-year contracts. Industrial comanies externalize complete sectors and put their trust in provider in obligation of means.

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